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The Logo You Wanted, Exactly As You Envisioned It!
By S. Christiansen

Have you ever received something that you didn’t want? We all have, but when it comes to a logo, something that is to represent the heart and soul of your business identity, no one wants to be left shortchanged and have to “settle” on something less than they were hoping for.

For years, customers have shared their regrettable tales with us that they have experienced in dealing with other designers. The good news is that you don’t have to be one of those people – you can have a happy ending to your logo project!

As many of our customers have learned, logo creation can be a fun, exciting and rewarding experience! But if not approached correctly, it can also lead to disappointment, frustration and regret, as we have heard from so many clients who have used other designers in the past.

So how can this be done?

The fundamental approach that should be understood before beginning a project, is that it is a process. Great Ideas sometimes start as a lump of coal, but through the process of refinement end up as a “diamond” The difficult part is coming up with the initial concept which can then be built upon.

When it comes down to any logo, the process relies more than anything upon how well the wishes of the client are being understood - in other words communication. The clearer the ideas, and the more specific the directions are, the better the results. If you examine the vast array of designs and examples in our portfolio, it should be well established that our team has the talent to recreate the ideas that you may have. All that is left then, is to understand those ideas, and viola, you have the completed project!

However, not everyone HAS a clear idea of what they want, they just know what they don’t want, and what they don’t like. Even in this situation, there are ways to avoid the heartache of missed expectations.

One great idea is to take a few minutes to browse through the vast portfolio that we have, and pick out design ideas that you like, fonts that you liked, color schemes and specific elements that you did like. And then, instead of keeping them to yourself, SHARE these ideas with the designer. This gives valuable insight on which approaches they will want to highlight when coming up with the initial concepts.

In all honesty, whether you have a final idea in mind or not, the best possible start to a project, is to visit our portfolio and invest a few minutes time, to find examples and designs that you like, and then email those to us! I have never had a client that was unhappy with the initial designs, who also followed this idea beforehand. You might think it is the most natural logical association in the world to make, yet you would be surprised at how many people never realize that logo creation is a partnership, a symbiotic process which is client driven.

Imagine if you were a builder who was commissioned to build a home for a family. You build the home, and afterwards, the client says “Well, looks great, but I wanted a two-story home.” So, you add the 2nd story (more work), and the client says, “Yes but I wanted it blue, and the driveway to be circular.”

Can you appreciate how hard it would be to work with such a situation? The same is true for a design project. However sometimes you run out of ideas. That’s fine! Call us, or e-mail us, we will brainstorm ideas through with you. As we said, the process is cooperative, dynamic and MUST involve the clients’ feedback and initial input into the design, in order to be successful.

Explaining about your business is only half of the story, but providing visual cues (such as going through our portfolio) is what really propels a project from being “regrettable” to “unforgettable”. Many clients have had a real thrill by understanding the process, and we invite you to as well!

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