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Business Logo Design is one of the most recognizable professional custom logo design company having expertise in providing you the best Corporate identity services through our easy online management system and speedy services along with the state of the art design platform through which you can view your logo designs easily and provide us feedback in real time.

Don’t take our word, please take a look at our logo design portfolio yourself. We believe it speaks for itself and will give you an idea on how we can apply our design expertise towards your specific needs. If you have any further questions, ask us! We are always ready to help you.

Here are a few logos which we have designed for our clients who belong to different regions of the world. If you're from countries like United States of America (USA), England, Germany, South Africa, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Syria, Kenya, Malaysia, Indonesia or any other country around the world then you have landed on the right spot for online logo design service.

Client : Major Logistics

They are an international distributors. We have given the logo a global view by abstractly replacing O with a globe and arcs around it to give the idea of compass.

Santo Domingo
Dominican Republic

Client : Global Logistic Limited

Logistic handling and good supplies firm with a new start. They needed a logo which can show their professionalism and give a young look. Globe is made in the logo to represent their company name with arcs inside the globe to show organized solutions.


Client : Know Doubt Know Fear

KDKF gives individual knowledge, behavior and skills to identify themselves. Keeping in mind the company name high tides are made in the logo to show that there should be no fear and doubt to have a fight against it.


Client : New World Engineering Corporation

New world builders, renovators and designers ordered us to professionally create a logo with a touch of abstract art. Keeping their theme in mind we designed a logo having an image of world made with the help of circular arcs idealizing the company name.


Client : Kreative Kiddies

Kreative Kiddies seller of educational toys, games and books required a logo for their web page in such style that it catches the attention of kids, so the logo has to be colorful funky and full of fun.


Client : Extended Schools Network

A network of school both for children and parents has been shown in the logo in an artistic style through picture illustration as required by the company.

Newcastle Upon Tyne
United Kingdom

Client : Conroy International Petroleum industry consultants

Petroleum industry consultants needed a logo designed in a professional style to show their company’s global presence which is shown through a custom created design of a globe with circular arcs.


Client : Power Tech Namibia CC

Electrical constructions and maintenance company wanted a logo with abstract and stylish look in it. Keeping it in mind we made an abstract image of a sun presenting the theme of power.


Client : Devour

Devour the manufacturer of sports and casual wear needed a logo which can give them a sporty and adventurous look, graphic to word blending is used by converting V into a mountain to emphasize on product’s quality and durability. 


Client : Cuisine Courier

This was a top class restaurant in the city specializing in Indian cuisine. Logo is created professionally in a unique style focusing on the interior design and luxury along with the touch of dining facilities.



Client : Pawknight

Pet training and supply company wanted to show pets in their logo drawn in an abstract style and to be in the state of activity giving a lively look to the designed.


Client : Balticfoto.com

The logo is to be placed on the website of balticfoto therefore a professional image was required. Graphic to word blending is used to replace O with a camera to visualize the theme of photography.


Client : Graeme Barrett Photography

A professional photographer focusing studio and commercial photography asked to create a logo with professionalism and classy approach along with an abstract touch in it.


Client : Pixel 2 Print

The logo has been created emphasizing the company name and business of quality printing with the help of a graphical representation using pantone color chart as instructed by the client.


Client : New World Engineering Corporation

This logo is made symbolizing the theme of top quality writing and research services provided by the company to various governmental, private and educational organizations. The theme is focused with the help of book representation.


Client : Promoting Health health promotion Specialists

Visualizing the theme of health promotion with the help of a rising sun and leave. Shows professionalism and classy approach yet attractive and elegant at the same time.



Client : Society of Canadian Colposcopists

The client wanted their logo to identify them as a Canadian organization so the leave is shown in the design to represent Canadian theme in a professional and classy style.



Client : Gameplan EIS

A professional logo with modern and long lasting in the sense of modernization has been created for the e-commerce entertainment industry. Custom created G to emphasize company initial in a classy and elegant style.


Bognor Regis
United Kingdom

Client : Gwyn Pritchard Associates

Company provides complete software solutions for call centers. They needed a professional identity to show their global presence which is shown via globe representation with a headphone to emphasize their services at call centers.


United Kingdom

Client : Jcyoung Business Engineering

Engineering consulting and training company wanted their logo to give a professional and dynamic look. O is replaced graphically with a globe to represent company’s global services and arcs are made to show enhanced technology.



Client : Lake Michigan Wireless

In the logo the idea of wireless cellular phone has been shown in an abstract and elegant style arcs are made to show wireless technology as they are the retailers of cellular and wireless phones.



Client : Qazi Trading Company

In this design initial Q is graphically symbolized to be used as a standalone icon for the motorcycle leasing company in Pakistan. Two tone colors are used as per company’s instruction.



Client : Geogiga Technology Corp.

Geogiga provides data processing and interpretation software for shallow geophysical exploration. In the design we have shown the idea of road going into horizon along with the theme of seismic wave professionally stacked together to complete the identity.



Client : Billy Bratton Painting & Decorators

Billy Bratton provides a quality professional internal and external painting & decorating service in London. Company was looking for a logo that portrays their business focus while maintaining a graphical representation.



Client : Universal Property Group

Graphical symbolization emphasizing initial U in such a way that it gives a look of a building has been done in the logo to represent the company business of property maintenance and management.



Client : Be Part Be Smart, Be Part!

Be Part is an employee benefit program, the company asked us to create a text based logo while maintaining a professional and classy look.



Client : 3 Cubes Media

It is an online media company looking for a logo that gives a unique yet stylish look to the company’s identity. In the design company name is emphasized by creating 3 cubes and giving it a 3D look.



Client : Buonocore Filati-Foderami_Accessori

The design professionally represents the company business of selling cotton to sew and accessories with the help of graphic to word blending by replacing O into a cotton thread spindle.



Client : Universal Property Group

A professional logo was required by the company providing management solutions. In the logo the symbol shows company as a hub for business solutions, while the boxes emphasizes various services provided by the company.


The Netherlands

Client : Baunkyle Project Management

Straight forward and simple logo is created emphasizing initial B in a symbolic form with arcs representing the theme of project management as the company provides the services of software and hardware engineering project management.



Client : Advent Project Management

In this logo initial A is symbolized in a stylish manner which emphasizes trust and credibility of the company as they provide the services of project management and quantity surveying.


United Kingdom

Client : Nambour Crushers Rugby League

Nambour Crushers is a Rugby league club for both senior and junior players. In the logo the idea of crushing is shown which emphasizes the league name in an attractive and catchy style.



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