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California Logo Design

Business Logo Design is one of the most recognizable professional custom logo design company having expertise in providing you the best Corporate identity services through our easy online management system and speedy services along with the state of the art design platform through which you can view your logo designs easily and provide us feedback in real time.

Don’t take our word, please take a look at our logo design portfolio yourself. We believe it speaks for itself and will give you an idea on how we can apply our design expertise towards your specific needs. If you have any further questions, ask us! We are always ready to help you.

Here are a few logos which we have designed for California State based clients. If you're from Anaheim, Berkeley, Los Angeles, Oakland, Sacramento, San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose or any other city in California then you have landed on the right spot for online logo design service.

Client : Due-Tec Company

The client wanted a futuristic/professional look that catches the eye to show the idea of their electronic innovation technologies.


Client : Ocean Blue Cruises

Specializing in cruise ship vacations on large cruise lines to tropical destinations. They wanted to project that feel into their logo and corporate identity.

San Clemente

Client : Aliana

Aliana was shipping and freight forwarding company needed a profession logo to represent their services internationally. The logo designed is in a professional style abstractly creating a globe through arcs in an elegant manner.


Client : Martin Performance Horses

The horse training company required a logo with a unique a catchy style and should give a professional look at the same time, in the logo we have designed an image of horse through arcs enclosing it within a circle in such manner that it gives an idea of a trained horse.

Rolling Hills Estates

Client : Apex Building

Apex builders provides complete solution to a home owner, a straight forward logo has been designed by creating a structure of house artistically at the top of the name emphasizing on construction and designing of home.


Client : Advanced ICF Structures

The distributors of ICF (insulating concrete forms) mainly used in green building construction required a 3D logo to describe their product’s strength and durability. The logo we have designed for them gives the touch of green building and strong construction in a 3D format.


Client : Academic Liberty Fund

This fund raising organization wanted people to think liberty when they look at their logo so we have shown the statue of liberty within their logo to meet their requirement.

Los Angeles

Client : Wedding Party & Music

Specializing in classy vocalist and bands for special occasions, the logo has been given an elegant yet a modern look with a musical touch using word blending by replacing & into a music icon.

San Diego

Client : Eventicity Event Producers

They are the party planners specializing in private and small parties, wanted their logo to give professional and rich look. Custom created fonts are used and a symbol emphasizing the company initial E is created in an abstract style so that it can be used as a standalone icon for branding purpose.

Lake Forest

Client : Select Events

Client wanted their logo to look professional yet stylish, they provide catering and event planning services so their logo has to be in a decorative style, in the logo ribbon is shown with curves at the top of the name fulfilling the requirement of the theme.


Client : Old Cal City Coffee Company

Graphic to word blending has been used to abstractly show the cup of coffee in the logo as the company wanted to give their logo an abstract touch, a perfect color scheme is selected to present a look of an espresso coffee.


San Diego

Client : JooJoo

High quality plush toys manufacturers. Straight forward and simple logo in a professional style, emphasizing on initial J creating it to make a heart using arc to show attractiveness.

Los Angeles

Client : Aloha Pet Care

Client wanted to show flower and animal in their logo as their service is to take care of pets at home so the logo is made according to their requirement.

Fair Oaks

Client : Pet Medica Home Health Tests

Pet Medica use to provide diagnostic services at home, needed a logo which can well define their reliable services, in the logo pets are drawn within their house to fully define the aim.

San Jose

Client : Mag Store

Mag Store a magazine subscription company in US. Graphical symbolization with an abstract design of a magazine is shown in the logo to visualize the theme.

Newport Beach

Client : Mark Schroeder & Co

Asked to design a logo in a clear and simple manner with a touch of landscape and we did it with a professional and classy style by choosing elegant fonts.

San Diego

Client : MyDivaDog.com

A fashionable dog is made with light colors and funny style as the client wanted it to look that way relating their product of dog collars.

Thousand Oaks

Client : American Eagle Security

Security service providers


Client : Smooth

Smooth, a skin care and massage center in USA. The logo is created representing the concept of smooth showing a body made through arcs to portray the theme of relaxation.

Dove Canyon

Client : Mind Merge

The company provides services for advancement of sales and marketing professionals through education. In their logo 2 people are shown shaking hands while creating company initial M representing the idea of tag line.


Client : West One Seventeen

Environmental consulting service providers wanted a professional logo with an abstract touch, logo has been created emphasizing the tag line and an abstract design of globe with arcs represents the theme of service the company provides.


Client : American Dream Team

The theme of "American Dream" is shown through house and real estate representation in the design in an elegant style while the color scheme is selected emphasizing the name America as the company is dedicated to real state services.


Client : Future Vision Enterprises, LLC

Future Vision Enterprises provides solution to people’s problems. Emphasizing the company name a futuristic design and the concept of vision have been professionally shown in the logo.

Rohnert Park

Client : Markshy Discounters

Markshy Discounters departmental store. Symbolizing initials artistically for the purpose of branding and adjusting it on the top of the name in a classy and catchy style.

San Diego

Client : Rukin Hyland Doria & DuFrane LLP

A Law firm wanted a logo made in professional, simple yet classy style. The logo is created emphasizing initials RHD&D and symbolizing it artistically to give a stylish look.

San Francisco

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