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Font Signature Creation

Do you need that personal touch to your business? Do you have a lot of, memos, form letters, or other mass distributed company communications, which you'd like to see with a professionally done signature, in electronic format? Now, you can have your very own signature converted to an electronic design, instantly available for use in everything from emails, to memos to fax pages.

No longer is it necessary to have to type out a document, print it, manually sign it and distribute it, much less hundreds of documents! We all know the writers cramp that results from having to sign endless amounts of memos, or other documents! No longer!

Now, these can all be combined into one step! As we all know, a signed document adds the "personal touch", or it can carry the weight and authority of the person that composed it. Your signature can be embedded into frequently used electronic forms, or to sign and authorize forms (instead of just typing your name) and then distributed electronically via e-mail or fax. Sales and canvassing letters can have that personal touch. The direct mail industry knows the value of "personalized" letters to their target audience, they've been using it for years! Now you can harness that same marketing power!

Our customized Signature Fonts are TrueType fonts - they are completely scalable. You can make them as small or as large as you like without distorting the signature, even when printed! Printed signatures are clean and smooth and look like the "real thing"! If you have a color printer, changing the color of your signature adds even more realism to the printed document. They work with any document, from e-mail to Microsoft Word .doc files. Anywhere a font can be used, your signature can be used as well!

The Signature Font is easy to use. Any user can add their signature to any document - it only takes a few seconds. The font is only 4 to 5K in size, so using it in documents has no impact in the overall size of the saved document! Imagine the ease of having your own signature, perfectly done, available for every kind of document that you produce without the sore, tired hands to go along with it!

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